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  • Print crowns within 20 minutes using SprintRay. Vi ...
  • Cloud Hosting

    19 Feb 2024 Systems for Dentists

    Cloud hosting is a service where your data is hosted on a network of interconnected servers, known as the cloud. This is instead of it being hosted on a single physical server.

  • Ergo loupes to save you back and neck. From 3.5x t ...
  • The Score Apical has been carefully developed together with ergonomists and physical therapists and conforms to ISO standards 7493 (Dentistry - Operator's stool) and 11226 (Static working postures). The result is a work chair that helps dental care professionals adopt an ergonomic sitting posture to minimize neck, shoulder and back complaints. 

  • The Score Ergo Support is our best seating solution for Microscope dentistry. Designed for prolonged sitting with arms that can be adjusted not only in height and width, but also laterally. The wide armpad provides stability. You can keep your arms close to your body and take the weight from shoulders and neck. The ergoshape seat has cut outs taking pressure away from the upper legs and seat and back are adjustable in height and angle,

  • The Score Amazone (34 cm) and Jumper (44 cm) seats differ in  width and sitting position. On the narrower Amazone you can sit higher as your legs can be placed closer together. The wider Jumper seat provides broader support. The stools can be equipped with a Tilt or a Balance mechanism (pictures). Our Balance mechanism ensures that the seat angle changes with you when you change your point of gravity and the flexibility is adjustable by turning the ring. Lumbar support optional. 

  • The Score Nurse stools provide the best possible support for dental nurses. The 360 Support nurse arm can be used as an arm, lumbar and body support. It can be mounted left- or rightsided and easily adjusted up- , in- and outwards. It can be combined with ergoshape, round, or our saddle seats. The base can be as small as 60 cm and a footring is optional. 

  • Treatment Finance

    07 Mar 2023 Srini Srinivasan

    When customers look to make their purchases, cost and affordability can play an important part in their decision making. Consumers are now becoming more focused on their financial wellbeing, which is partly due to rising costs. See how Treatment FInance can help your practice and your patients.

  • CleanCert - Waterline Disinfectant

    26 Jan 2024 Sam Cain

    Advanced 2-in-1 waterline disinfectant for complete protection

  • Full Annual Membership

    17 Mar 2023 SS
  • Both the RA and SOL lights are available with our ...
  • The A-dec 300.CORE

    16 Jan 2024 Sylvia Njoki

    Designed to enhance patient comfort and practitioner efficiency, the     A-dec 300.CORE package ensures every procedure is performed with precision, ease, and comfort.


  • SteriDermal

    26 Jan 2024 Sam Cain

    Eco Skin Cleanser with Antimicrobial action

  • We bring together simple treatment education, fairer financing and real patient insights to boost case acceptance.

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