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  • Jinme J6-TUQL High Speed Dental Handpiece, Dental Turbine Zero Reverse Flow

  • Doctify Practice Profile

    22 Feb 2024 James Whitehurst

    Doctify enables dental practices and dentists to enhance their online reputation through treatment-specific feedback.

    "Google is no longer the go-to tool for comparing businesses. We have found that Doctify provides patients with a trustworthy verifiable source for comparing information which alongside the information on our website, allows patients to make a decision about the practice and clinician that may be most suited to them."

    London based Principle Dentist


  • OADS O2VentTM Optima

    The O2VentTM Optima products are the latest offering in the O2VentTM oral appliance range. O2VentTM Optima is 3D printed with durable nylon. The lower jaw can be moved forward to a comfortable range while also allowing the integrated airway channel to bypass nasal congestion and other areas of airway collapse, such as from the tongue, soft palate and lateral walls.

  • The unbeatable team:

    BeautiBond X-treme (Universal All-in-one Adhesive),

    BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus X (Injectable hybrid composite in 2 viscosities, Class I to V restorations including Occusal)

    Super-Snap X-Treme (Superior Finishing and Polishing Disks, achieve X-treme gloss with smooth surface, coated on both sides with alumina, 3D coating help to avoid surface clogging

  • The EyeSpecial dental camera has built-in photographic expertise for creating professional photo documentation in dental practices and laboratories. It has smart special features, is easy to operate, reproducibly takes good images, and can be delegated to assistants without cost and time intensive training.

    The fifth generation of this lightweight and now even more compact camera is equipped with a Wi-Fi function.

  • SHOFU - BEAUTIFIL II Gingiva & Enamel

    16 Nov 2023 Jenny Woodward

    The two new components added to the BEAUTIFIL composite line allow dentists to restore pink-white aesthetics and produce truly lifelike restorations. The five Gingiva shades which can be blended with each other help to create true-to-nature soft tissue areas characterised by great depth and invisible transitions to the tooth. The four Enamel shades are ideal for highly aesthetic anterior restorations. 

  • SHOFU - BeautiBond X-treme

    28 Sep 2023 Jenny Woodward

    The powerful all-in-one universal adhesive for all etching techniques and a wide variety of restorative -, a new light-curing, self-etch, all-in-one, universal adhesive for bonding direct and indirect restorations.

  • PerioKIN Hyaluronic 1%

    22 Mar 2023 Joanne O'Boyle

    Chlorhexidine Digluconate: 0.20 %, Hyaluronic acid: 1%

    The presence of dental plaque is the main factor in the development of the two most prevalent oral diseases: periodontal disease and cavities. Chlorhexidine has proven anti-plaque activity. Hyaluronic provides a moisturizing effect on gum tissues and mucous membranes

  • KIN Exogel Oral Gel

    22 Mar 2023 Joanne O'Boyle

    Oral gel for the care of gums and oral mucosa for dental use.

    With 8% tranexamic acid with astringent properties.

    Highly bioadhesive, it creates a protective film on the area where the gel is applied.

  • KIN Gingival Complex

    22 Mar 2023 Joanne O'Boyle

    Toothpaste and mouthwash with chlorhexidine especially indicated for gum care.

    Indicated for oral hygiene during and after dental procedures.

    Chlorhexidine helps prevent and remove dental plaque.

    Its formulation includes Alpantha, which promotes healthy gums.

  • KIN B5

    22 Mar 2023 Joanne O'Boyle

    Toothpaste and mouthwash for daily care. Ideal for the daily care of the whole family. Helps prevent tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel. Facilitates the care of delicate gums.

    Inflammation and bleeding of gums are mainly caused by the accumulation of dental biofilm. It is therefore very important to use specific products on a daily basis that control dental plaque and strengthen and maintain healthy gums, such as Kin B5.

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