• One of the most affordable bariatric chairs on the market, the NuSimplicty is a popular choice when it comes to large institutions, government organizations and inidvidual dentists. 

  • Known for its quality, comfort, appareance and longevity, the Forest 3900 is widely recognized as the only mid-priced chair on the market, with many of the same features as some of the market leaders.


  • Navigate the demanding world of dental compliance with our iComply software. From a full document and template library to support from our dedicated team of dental compliance experts, we’ve got your regulatory needs covered.

  • A-dec 500

    19 Jan 2023 Sylvia Njoki

    A-dec 500 Dental Chair: Superior patient experience and optimal access.

  • Pitts 21 - 3D Control for Fast and More Precise Finishes

  • The Little Sister SES 3020B has been designed to m ...
  • Fast Cycles The Enbio is able to complete cycles i ...
  • A-dec 200

    27 Jan 2023 Sylvia Njoki

    Invest in reliability with the A-dec 200 Dental Chair.



  • Available in 3.5x or 4.6x or 5.7x. Kepler lenses a ...
  • Locum Hygienists

    25 Jan 2023 Francesca Dunne

    Experienced locum hygienists nationwide

  • CenoDerm & CenoMembrane:
    Human absorbable collagen Membranes and Skin.

  • The Miele Little Giant laundry range from Eschmann ...
  • Ergonomic Salli Expert has a back support with elbow supports and height control by foot as a standard. This chair is perfect for precise tasks, and also when combined with a microscope.

  • SmileBot

    19 Jan 2023 Chris Baker
    96 out of every 100 visitors to your website TAKE ...
  • Wireless Signature Pad Software

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    SfD supports the integration of the Wireless Signature Pad technology.