Exhibitor Products

  • Chatbot Embedded on your site with one line of code, our chatbot uses the very latest AI and natural language processing technology our chatbot will capture new leads 24/7, triage patients symptoms, a ...
  • Designed to support (but not only) orthodontic specialists in the best way possible through functionality and technology. 


  • Thanks to its characteristic glass keyboard, high performance and maximum hygiene are guaranteed when it comes to the italian produced Nice Glass chair.

  • One of the most affordable bariatric chairs on the market, the NuSimplicty is a popular choice when it comes to large institutions, government organizations and inidvidual dentists. 

  • Known for its quality, comfort, appareance and longevity, the Forest 3900 is widely recognized as the only mid-priced chair on the market, with many of the same features as some of the market leaders.


  • Touch Screen Self-Check In

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    Speed up your patient's waiting time.

    Our self-check-in kiosk is an intuitive patient interface that can be set up in your reception area. The check-in kiosk can be displayed on a stand, fixed to the wall or situated on a table away from the reception area.

  • Postcode Look Up

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    When your patients call into your practice, the Postcode finder can locate their address quickly and efficiently by simply entering in their postcode into the software.

  • SMS Text Message Software

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    As consumers, your patients are accustomed to receiving text reminders for all manner of appointments.

    From healthcare to hairdressing and even their shopping delivery schedule.

    By keeping the SMS text messaging system internally within your dental software, we are able to offer a seamless service using only premium gateway providers.

  • Wireless Signature Pad Software

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    SfD supports the integration of the Wireless Signature Pad technology. 

  • Systems for Dentists V6 Software

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    Our flagship Dental Software SfD v6 is used by English speaking dental professionals worldwide. Here at Systems for Dentists we believe our success is based on our experience working closely with our clients to tailor the dental software to suit their requirements.

  • Elbow Rest 3D is ideal for surgical operations in dental care and healthcare. It has been developed with the surgeons of Kuopio University Hospital in Finland, to respond to their high requirements during long and complicated operations.

  • The ergonomic, dynamic seat of Salli SwingFit adapts to your movements. Adjust the height and width of the seat, and amount of swinging motion.

  • Allround accessory can be combined with all the Salli chairs.

    Allround is excellent for dentists, dental surgeons or dental assistants. It moves all around the chair and can be used in the front, back and both sides. It can act as a support for one hand or both hands, or as a stretching support. The support also revolves around its own axis.

  • Salli chair combined with Ergorest back- and dynamic arm supports is perfect for tasks that require precise movement of arms and hands. Most often combined with microscope.

  • Ergonomic Salli Expert has a back support with elbow supports and height control by foot as a standard. This chair is perfect for precise tasks, and also when combined with a microscope.