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Exhibitor Products

  • KIN B5

    22 Mar 2023 Joanne O'Boyle

    Toothpaste and mouthwash for daily care. Ideal for the daily care of the whole family. Helps prevent tooth decay and strengthens tooth enamel. Facilitates the care of delicate gums.

    Inflammation and bleeding of gums are mainly caused by the accumulation of dental biofilm. It is therefore very important to use specific products on a daily basis that control dental plaque and strengthen and maintain healthy gums, such as Kin B5.

  • KIN Gingival Complex

    22 Mar 2023 Joanne O'Boyle

    Toothpaste and mouthwash with chlorhexidine especially indicated for gum care.

    Indicated for oral hygiene during and after dental procedures.

    Chlorhexidine helps prevent and remove dental plaque.

    Its formulation includes Alpantha, which promotes healthy gums.

  • KIN Exogel Oral Gel

    22 Mar 2023 Joanne O'Boyle

    Oral gel for the care of gums and oral mucosa for dental use.

    With 8% tranexamic acid with astringent properties.

    Highly bioadhesive, it creates a protective film on the area where the gel is applied.

  • PerioKIN Hyaluronic 1%

    22 Mar 2023 Joanne O'Boyle

    Chlorhexidine Digluconate: 0.20 %, Hyaluronic acid: 1%

    The presence of dental plaque is the main factor in the development of the two most prevalent oral diseases: periodontal disease and cavities. Chlorhexidine has proven anti-plaque activity. Hyaluronic provides a moisturizing effect on gum tissues and mucous membranes

  • S3 by Sendoline

    22 Mar 2023 Russell Kilshaw

    Rotary or Reciprocating - you choose!

  • One of the most accurate, lightweight, and fastest scanners on the market!
    Free Software and Updates
    Free clouds Storage
    Air mouse
    Voice note

    Why choose Helios 600:
    - One of the most accurate and fastest scanners on the market. 
    - High accuracy with automatic and adaptive calibration, manual calibration is not necessary anymore.
    - Small enough to operate it easily, yet it achieves a 16mm x 14mm high-definition field of view

  • The Profound® system provides a non-surgical alternative to address aging skin:

  • The Frax Pro system is an advanced diode laser system that delivers highly targeted 1550 nm and 1940 nm wavelengths for dual-depth skin resurfacing. 

  • The PicoWay® system delivers high peak power and the shortest pulse durations for a non-thermal, photoacoustic effect that transforms skin from the inside out. 

  • Enhance your practice with the gold standard in laser hair removal brand chosen by aesthetic practitioners.

  • Meet the increasing demand for aesthetic and dermatological procedures with a single multi-application platform.

  • Cordless, exceptionally well-balanced, and silent endodontic motor, with full control of movement, speed, and torque. It offers freedom and comfort, as well as optimal security when shaping the root canals. The contra-angle rotates without being disconnected from the handpiece, and its mini head and thin neck make it easier to reach posterior teeth whilst keeping excellent visibility on the root canal inlets and working area.

  • Smartphone & camera light. A very easy to use plug & play device that will turn your phone into a professional photography set. It will allow you to drastically improve your results with the camera of your smartphone.

  • Fibrafill Flow by Dentapreg
    Short-fibre reinforced flowable composite for dentin replacement

    The system consists of micro-hybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composite materials with integrated fiber reinforcement designed for the fabrication of direct fillings as a substitution of dentin layer. 

  • From only £5 per file! One instrument Endo has never been so affordable. 

    Reci PRO blue NiTi Endodontic Sterile Files. Compatible with the leading brand's file system.

    Heat-treated nickel-titanium for increased flexibility and strength / Can be bent into shape of a canal easily  / Single reciprocating file system 



    The All-In-One Management Software - AIOM is the most powerful, innovative and fastest.

    With four powerful dashboards, your day to day management couldn’t get any more simple. Our Compliance Dashboard would take the stress away from CQC Inspection and ensure you pass CQC inspections with flying colours!

  • Dickies Balance Scrubs

    22 Mar 2023 Gill Kesteven

    Built to last! Dickies - the Scrubs you can rely on.

  • Simki Scrubs

    22 Mar 2023 Gill Kesteven

    Do you ever ask yourself, what are the most comfortable scrubs that I can buy?

  • Barco Eco Friendly Scrubs

    22 Mar 2023 Gill Kesteven

    10 Plastic bottles going in to each set of scrubs!

  • Skechers Scrubs

    22 Mar 2023 Gill Kesteven

    Official supplier of Skechers Scrubs

  • New in the UK - Greys Anatomy

    22 Mar 2023 Gill Kesteven

    Rock your scrubs like your favourite TV Stars!

  • Both the RA and SOL lights are available with our SENSE technology, to control the light with a simple hand movement. I.R proximity sensors detect a hand to turn on, switch between high and low output ...
  • Dental Training excellence

  • Oral Health Matters


  • HYPO21 is the perfect cosmetic solution to soothe and support your skin. Based on the science of Hypochlorous Technology (HOCl), this highly-effective, electrically-charged signaling solution mimics t ...
  • Full Annual Membership

    17 Mar 2023 SS
  • Magnolia is a comprehensive range of disinfectant and sanitising products, designed to keep dental machines, equipment and surgery surfaces clean.


    For instructions on how to mix our Puli-Jet please see our website:

  • Cattani’s range of compressors produce clean, dry, oil-less air, protecting the dental unit, rotary instruments, staff and patients alike in modern and demanding practices. Cattani compressors deliver ...
  • Turbo Smart is a powerful, variable speed suction system, ideal for conservation and surgical applications providing high airflow and high vacuum power. It is supplied for two surgery use and is upgra ...
  • Micro Smart has proven itself to be the most flexible, reliable and powerful single surgery, variable speed suction system available, using only the power required reducing power consumption and heat ...

    Our sterilizers are innovative and incorporate leading QuiksteamTM technologies designed for high performance. The DentiSure & Kronos sterilizer range also have a simple and easy-to-use interface. Available in B, S or N Class and sterilising chamber capacity ranging from 6 to 60 litres, we are sure our autoclaves will meet your requirements.

  • Our sterilizers are innovative and incorporate leading QuiksteamTM technologies designed for high performance. The DentiSure & Kronos sterilizer range also have a simple and easy-to-use interface. Available in B, S or N Class and sterilising chamber capacity ranging from 6 to 60 litres, we are sure our autoclaves will meet your requirements

  • A complete new experience thanks to the blue, backlit capacitive touchpad with acoustic signals to keep the user informed. The matt fi nish covers and scratch-free aluminium details give your practice a new look! Available in B & S Class and 18 or 23 litre chamber capacity, it’s the perfect solution for high throughput of medical & dental instruments.

  • Visit G78 to find out more about the award-winning 3M™ Filtek™ One Bulk Fill Restorative

  • Visit G78 to find out about the award-winning 3M™ Imprint™ 4 VPS Impression Material

  • Visit stand G78 to find out about the award-winning first radiopaque universal adhesive that will reduce the risk of X-ray misdiagnosis and overtreatment. 

  • Enlighten Evo4 - No Ordinary Whitening

    10 Mar 2023 Georgiana Bala

    There aren’t many guarantees in dentistry, but here’s one you can make confidently: Enlighten guarantees VITA B1 shade or brighter. Our Evolution system just got better come to our stand E51 to find out what the new Evo4 system has to offer and to have a GIF made of yourself to elevate your Social Media game

  • EauFlow - Dental RO, Deionizer and Softener

    07 Mar 2023 CleanCert Hygiene

    EauFlow is a purified water device that utilises Reverse Osmosis (RO) to replace distillers and bottled water. Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that makes use of a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, molecules and particles from the water.

  • Optizil - Multi Surface Disinfectant

    07 Mar 2023 David Hagelthorn

    Eco-friendly clinical disinfectant for ultimate performance

  • OraWize+ - Mouthwash/Dental Rinse

    07 Mar 2023 David Hagelthorn

    Powerful oral rinse for the complete treatment journey – before, during & after

  • CleanCert - Waterline Disinfectant

    07 Mar 2023 David Hagelthorn

    Advanced 2-in-1 waterline disinfectant for complete protection

  • Equipment Finance

    07 Mar 2023 Srini Srinivasan

    Thinking of purchasing new or upgrading the current equipment within your practice? Come and speak to us on Stand D20

  • Treatment Finance

    07 Mar 2023 Srini Srinivasan

    When customers look to make their purchases, cost and affordability can play an important part in their decision making. Consumers are now becoming more focused on their financial wellbeing, which is partly due to rising costs. See how Treatment FInance can help your practice and your patients.

  • Launching exclusively at BDIA, our new fully ambidextrous Eurus S8 treatment centre demonstrates the very highest quality derived from a long line of exemplary design and product engineering; accolades associated with the world-renowned Belmont brand.

  • Frank Dental

    02 Mar 2023 Crown Dental Burs Ltd

    100% Natural Diamond Burs

  • Frank Dental

    02 Mar 2023 Crown Dental Burs Ltd

    Dental polishers

  • Coricama

    02 Mar 2023 Crown Dental Burs Ltd
  • Frank Dental Burs

    02 Mar 2023 Crown Dental Burs Ltd
  • Coricama Hand Instruments

    02 Mar 2023 Crown Dental Burs Ltd
  • Dental Nursing is the monthly journal for dental nurses, addressing the clinical and professional issues that matter to you and supporting your educational development.

  • The magazine for NHS and private dentists.

  • Delivered by a team of internationally renowned speakers and mentors, the Dental Routes Certificate in Dental Implantology offers a unique blend of hands-on practicals, online learning and one-to-one, ...
  • This innovative diode laser technology comes in three wavelengths for optimal performance, extending the range of possible treatments as part of your minimally invasive approach to dentistry,helping t ...
  • Clinical efficiency, Commercial and team success and Patient satisfaction, the LiteTouch laser is: The most versatile dental laser for a comprehensive range of hard and soft tissue treatments Has its ...
  • Dental Update is written by dentists for dentists – people who love dentistry and want to share the latest techniques and procedures. Our purpose as a leading dental journal is to create a highly valuable resource for our subscribers.

    Read our new February issue.

  • 60+ channels for business spanning sports, news, humor, action and more! 

    Our content is meticulously curated and runs on a five-hour loop.

    One hour is refreshed every week.

  • Superior Beam Uniformity and Color Accuracy Patented optics create superior beam quality Color options to adapt to your work Smallest and lightest LED headlight Lithium battery pack provides light for ...
  • Wide lenses give a wider field of view. Professional level magnification — detailed work is faster and easier. With magnifications up to 10.0x, see important details you would have missed otherwise. O ...
  • ErgoDeflection™ Loupes Patent pending deflection prism. Wide area of direct viewing below oculars to work area. Magnifications are available in 3.5x and 4.5x, with 5.5x and 6.5x available soon. Pantos ...
    • Refresh Hydro-dermabrasion
    • Three-step cleansing, exfoliating, rejuvenating
    • Visibile results from water, oxygen
    • Vegan, hypo-allergenic super serums
    • Standalone or with Rejuv devices
    • High quality, affordable, generates revenue
    • Combination of RF energy and HIFU ( High - Intensity focused Ultrasound)
    • Dualed action for improved skin rejuvenation
    • Microneedling and HIFU to reach different layers of the skin
    • Stimulation of collagen production for firmer skin
    • Improved skin texture and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Non-invasive, minimal downtime  
    • Radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production
    • Microneedling to create controlled micro-injuries
    • improved skin texture, firmness and elasticity
    • Minimal discomfort during treatment
    • Non-invase minimsl downtime
    • Can be used on various parts of the body, including face, neck and body. 
  • 3M RelyX Universal Dental Resin Cement is a two-paste resin cement in an ergonomically designed syringe with Micro Mix tip for virtually all self-adhesive and – when used with 3M™ Scotchbond™ Universal Plus Adhesive – adhesive dual-cure resin cement indications.

  • The award winning 3M™ Filtek™ Universal Restorative - 8 shades, 1 universal opacity. 

    Awarded top Composite: Universal, by Dental Advisor.

  • Ajax Cart

    13 Feb 2023 ALEXANDRA DAVIS

    5 Year Warranty*


    07 Feb 2023 ALEXANDRA DAVIS


    EVA CAM is the operating lamp with integrated professional camera available in SUNLIGHT and TUNABLE WHITE versions.

    Ideal for real time pics and videos to share and compare live and remotely.
    The zoom is specific for dental practice to ensure direct and precise framing.
    The foot control allows no interruptive procedure to keep the attention on the operating field.


  • Chatbot Embedded on your site with one line of code, our chatbot uses the very latest AI and natural language processing technology our chatbot will capture new leads 24/7, triage patients symptoms, a ...
  • Designed to support (but not only) orthodontic specialists in the best way possible through functionality and technology. 


  • Thanks to its characteristic glass keyboard, high performance and maximum hygiene are guaranteed when it comes to the italian produced Nice Glass chair.

  • One of the most affordable bariatric chairs on the market, the NuSimplicty is a popular choice when it comes to large institutions, government organizations and inidvidual dentists. 

  • Known for its quality, comfort, appareance and longevity, the Forest 3900 is widely recognized as the only mid-priced chair on the market, with many of the same features as some of the market leaders.


  • Touch Screen Self-Check In

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    Speed up your patient's waiting time.

    Our self-check-in kiosk is an intuitive patient interface that can be set up in your reception area. The check-in kiosk can be displayed on a stand, fixed to the wall or situated on a table away from the reception area.

  • Postcode Look Up

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    When your patients call into your practice, the Postcode finder can locate their address quickly and efficiently by simply entering in their postcode into the software.

  • SMS Text Message Software

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    As consumers, your patients are accustomed to receiving text reminders for all manner of appointments.

    From healthcare to hairdressing and even their shopping delivery schedule.

    By keeping the SMS text messaging system internally within your dental software, we are able to offer a seamless service using only premium gateway providers.

  • Wireless Signature Pad Software

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    SfD supports the integration of the Wireless Signature Pad technology. 

  • Systems for Dentists V6 Software

    01 Feb 2023 Systems for Dentists

    Our flagship Dental Software SfD v6 is used by English speaking dental professionals worldwide. Here at Systems for Dentists we believe our success is based on our experience working closely with our clients to tailor the dental software to suit their requirements.

  • Elbow Rest 3D is ideal for surgical operations in dental care and healthcare. It has been developed with the surgeons of Kuopio University Hospital in Finland, to respond to their high requirements during long and complicated operations.

  • The ergonomic, dynamic seat of Salli SwingFit adapts to your movements. Adjust the height and width of the seat, and amount of swinging motion.

  • Allround accessory can be combined with all the Salli chairs.

    Allround is excellent for dentists, dental surgeons or dental assistants. It moves all around the chair and can be used in the front, back and both sides. It can act as a support for one hand or both hands, or as a stretching support. The support also revolves around its own axis.

  • Salli chair combined with Ergorest back- and dynamic arm supports is perfect for tasks that require precise movement of arms and hands. Most often combined with microscope.

  • Ergonomic Salli Expert has a back support with elbow supports and height control by foot as a standard. This chair is perfect for precise tasks, and also when combined with a microscope.

  • Exciting New Service for Dentists

    01 Feb 2023 Justin Johnson

    Reduce your costs buy using our garment rental service, Laundry, delivery, collection, garment rental, repairs and recyclying all included in one price. With a range of products to suit every practice.

  • A-dec 500 LED Dental Light

    27 Jan 2023 Sylvia Njoki

    A-dec 500 LED Dental Light: Smart, refine, true.

  • A-dec 200

    27 Jan 2023 Sylvia Njoki

    Invest in reliability with the A-dec 200 Dental Chair.



  • A-dec 300

    27 Jan 2023 Sylvia Njoki

    A-dec 300 Dental Chair: Compact, sensible and flexible.

  • A-dec 400

    27 Jan 2023 Sylvia Njoki

    Instead of sacrificing ergonomic access to the oral cavity for patient comfort, have both with the A-dec 400 dental chair. Get robust construction, contemporary styling, and left/right versatility with a Radius delivery system

  • Dental Engineering

    26 Jan 2023 Riaan Visser

    Experienced and Certified dental engineers. 

  • With the universal composite BRILLIANT EverGlow highly aesthetic and long-lasting restorations can be achieved effortlessly. It was developed with a special focus on aesthetics and user-friendliness. ...
  • HyFlex™ EDM - Electrical Discharge Machining The HyFlex EDM files constitute the 5th generation root canal files. HyFlex EDM NiTi files have completely new properties due to their innovative manufactu ...
  • OPTIM Interdental brushes

    26 Jan 2023 Tracey Hicks
  • Available in 3.5x or 4.6x or 5.7x. Kepler lenses allow for stronger magnification and an edge-to-edge sharp image thanks to the use of their lightweight prisms. ExamVision uses the best ultra-lightwei ...
  • Available in 2.3HD or 2.8HD or 3.3HD or 3.8HD  Exceptional clarity and depth of field.  Easy to adjust to and wear all day - every day. Well-balanced loupes that will help you to maintain a healthy wo ...
  • The CanalPro Jeni is a reassuring, guiding hand for general practitioners and a time saver for endo specialists. The Jeni assistance system uses complex algorithms that control the variable file movem ...
  • Not all wipes are the same. OPTIM is a peroxide based wipe with a fast broad-spectrum contact time. It will clean, smudge free, removing organic debris and disinfecting at the same time, while remaini ...
  • Clinisept+ Dental Mouthwash provides exceptional levels of hygiene for your practice. Our advanced hypochlorous formula removes 99.99% of the bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay.  Minimisi ...
  • With Kepler Advanced, you can switch between all four magnifications with ease and speed thanks to its Turn'N'Click system. This versatility ensures that whatever your procedure, Kepler Advanced provi ...
  • More than just a mouthwash! Clinisept+ Dental Mouthwash cleanses, deodorises and protects against the harmful bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay, but without stinging or causing irriation ...
  • HySolate is the new, upgraded version of the Hygenic Dental Dam range. We recognise the importance of a rubber dam for increasing the visibility of the treatment site through isolation, acting as an i ...
  • We believe our daily rituals should be in harmony with our planet.

    Our brush uses recyclable plant-based heads and bristles, the slim aluminium body is designed to be taken apart and repaired, all while delivering a dentist-approved clean.

  • Dental Equipment

    25 Jan 2023 Riaan Visser

    Dental Equipment - Hague Dental are multi-award-winning dental equipment suppliers for practices based in the UK.

  • Dental Surgery Design

    25 Jan 2023 Riaan Visser

    Dental Surgery Design - The Importance of Good Design for your Clinical Area


  • Dental Practice Design

    25 Jan 2023 Riaan Visser

    Dental Practice Design - Looking to upgrade, redesign part or all of your practice, or develop a new one?

  • Locum Dentists

    25 Jan 2023 Francesca Dunne

    Locum dentists nationwide

  • Locum Hygienists

    25 Jan 2023 Francesca Dunne

    Experienced locum hygienists nationwide

  • Locum Dental Nurses

    25 Jan 2023 Francesca Dunne

    Our locum dental nurses are 100% compliant as soon as they walk through the door.

  • Specifically developed by a team of implantologists, oral surgeons and dentists for specific problems in the mouth, bluem® Oral Gel contains an extra high concentration of active oxygen and restores normal levels of oxygen in oral pockets, bleeding gums and wounds, the ideal micro-environment for a healthy oral cavity.

    It's this accelerated rate of healing that makes the Gel ideal for use following extraction, oral surgery, placement of implants and chemotherapy.

  • PDT Periodontal Hand Instruments

    25 Jan 2023 Vicki Nunns

    PDT hand instruments are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort and tactile sensitivity. 

    Drawing on more than 30 years of industry experience and by carefully listening to observations, ideas and suggestions from dental professionals, PDT is proud to offer the most carefully designed and hand-crafted dental instruments available.

  • Combining advanced materials with cutting-edge technologies allows Q-Optics to create the most lightweight and ergonomic dental loupe ever introduced.

    Q-Optics TTL Dental Loupes feature crystal clear, edge-to-edge clarity as well as a greatly expanded field of view. Each set of loupes is custom-built to your exact specifications, ensuring your optical performance is never compromised thanks to years of reliable performance.

    Visit us to discover our show special offers.

  • When it comes to meeting the needs of clinician and patient alike, Essix gives you the clarity you want and the quality you need.

  • Abrasive toothpastes can dull and discolour clear aligners and retainers! Retainer Brite® Cleaning Tablets are specially-formulated to help protect removable appliances.

  • JM Ortho Corporation which has been committed to making continuous innovations in the orthodontic field successfully developed the GUMMETAL world-class premium orthodontic wire.

  • Pitts 21 - 3D Control for Fast and More Precise Finishes

  • TASK, INC. was established in 1968 in Tokyo, Japan.  Specialising in dental instruments including orthodontic, surgical, and laboratory they now export products to over 35 countries worldwide.  

  • Elemental Antibacterial Wound Dressing

    25 Jan 2023 Vicki Nunns

    Launching in the UK at the Dental Showcase, Elemental Oral Surgery Granulates provide practical bacteriostatic protection for your oral surgical sites.

    Leveraging the antibacterial & wound-healing properties of zinc ions, Elemental is an easy solution to minimise complications and optimise healing conditions.

  • Turbo Smart HP is our BRAND NEW high power, variable speed suction system, ideal for conservation and surgical applications providing high airflow and producing 340mbar negative pressure, for up to 4 surgeries.

  • A-dec 500

    19 Jan 2023 Sylvia Njoki

    A-dec 500 Dental Chair: Superior patient experience and optimal access.

  • CenoDerm & CenoMembrane:
    Human absorbable collagen Membranes and Skin.

  • CenoBone Putty is Freeze Dried bone particulate in carrier for ease of use during various implant applications. 

  • Kiroku uses AI to help dentists produce accurate and comprehensive notes 60% faster. Our clickable and intelligent workflows adapt and populate your notes based on what you input. Kiroku also learns from your patterns and makes intelligent suggestions based on your previous interactions. Write less and do more by focusing on your patients in your appointments and leaving notes to us.

  • SmileBot

    19 Jan 2023 Chris Baker
    96 out of every 100 visitors to your website TAKE NO ACTION! SmileBot will make more visitors to your website become patients SmileBot is the 24/7 Website Digital Assistant designed specifically for d ...
  • Our popular tax loan facility is designed to help manage this recurring expense. It allows you to take control of your cash flow and spread the cost of your tax bill into more manageable monthly payments.

  • Personal loans

    Personal loans are unsecured and can be used for virtually any purpose on items other than capital equipment or vehicles.

  • Hire Purchase, Leasing, Consolidation and refinancing loans

  • Our unsecured business and practice loans are available to assist when you need funds to invest in your business

  • Communication Tools

    05 Jan 2023 Sarah Revell
    Build connections with your patients  Patient loyalty is essential to the success and growth of your practice. Engaging your patients has never been easier wth our suite of patient communication tools ...
  • Patient Experience Tools

    05 Jan 2023 Sarah Revell
    Experience Excellence  Patients expect more than greaet dental care from their dentists. The want the same seamless experience when it comes to booking, providing information, and paying as they get f ...
  • EXACT dental software

    05 Jan 2023 Sarah Revell
    The complete practice management system  Our practice management software, provides tools for thousands of dental practices to run more effectively and profitably.  Marketing Manager allows you to cre ...
  • Dentally's customer success programme is designed to take your understanding and use of the software to new heights, helping you to improve your practice and grow your business.  Elevate focuses on se ...
  • Dentally Portal is designed to help you manage your existing patients' journey through your dental prctice, helping you build better relationship and save on reception time. Allows the patient to mana ...
  • Dentally - Cloud supporting dentistry

    05 Jan 2023 Sarah Revell
    Cloud-based software, allowing you to work remotely. Use on unlimited computers plus daily updates No server needed, and you dont need high spec IT and hardware in order to run the software  High leve ...
  • Expand the possibilities for your practice

    The iTero Element family of scanners provides cart and mobile scanning versatility

  • The Little Sister SES 3020B has been designed to meet the needs of the healthcare professional, building on Eschmann’s unrivalled reputation for quality and performance gained from over 60 years of au ...
  • Non vacuum autoclave with a 11 Litre capacity.

  • Fast Cycles The Enbio is able to complete cycles in as little as 7 minutes for the Enbio, and 9 minutes for the Enbio PRO. This means you can quickly sterilise handpieces which not only increases effi ...
  • The Miele PG8581 underbench washer disinfector is the most popular large capacity, fully equipped free standing washer disinfector. Available with configurations specifically designed for dental pract ...
  • The Miele Little Giant laundry range from Eschmann, including washers and dryers, is easy to use and features fast cycle times to suit every schedule. Built for longevity, the Little Giant range has b ...
  • PlaneSystem

    28 Dec 2022 Zirkonzahn

    Facial scans can be combined with dental technician Udo Plaster’s PlaneSystem®.

  • P4000

    28 Dec 2022 Zirkonzahn

    P4000 system for 3D printing

    Complete, add-on package for Zirkonzahn digital workflow

  • S300 ARTI Scanner

    28 Dec 2022 Zirkonzahn

    The S300 ARTI Scanner is an especially compact fully automated optical structured-light scanner with two high-resolution high-speed cameras

  • Zirkonzahn Software

    28 Dec 2022 Zirkonzahn

    When developing the Zirkonzahn.Software we adapted the strict standards of our proven products to design and functionality of our software.

  • £170.00 +VAT

  • Rental: £100.00 per year +VAT

    Exchange medical oxygen (refills): £50.00 +VAT

  • Intraoralscanner Detection Eye

    22 Dec 2022 Zirkonzahn

    Zirkonzahn’s new Detection Eye intraoral scanner stands out for its very high scanning accuracy and high scanning speed, which enables to digitise the patient’s jaw in less than 60 seconds. The scanner weights 240 g only.

  • Manage your assets with ease. Use iService to track, service, repair and replace your dental equipment. Minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

  • Our virtual compliance management service is perfect if you are looking to free up time for patients or if you just want more personal time to do the things you love.

  • Empower your staff to take control of their professional development with iLearn, making
    e-learning accessible and personalised so you and your dental team gain the knowledge needed to succeed.

  • Have everything you need to manage a successful and thriving dental practice all in one place. Save the time spent on admin to focus on the things that matter.

  • Navigate the demanding world of dental compliance with our iComply software. From a full document and template library to support from our dedicated team of dental compliance experts, we’ve got your regulatory needs covered.

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