What if we actually talked to our patients about bad breath?

Friday, October 18, 2019 10:30 - 11:15


1) Highlight an approach in dentistry that promotes health and wellness instead of repeat treatment of disease. This approach is proven to benefit both the patient and the dental professional as it harnesses a relationship based on trust. It begins with investment in time for an important PHILOSOPHY discussion using “CO-DISCOVERY" when you meet the patient for the first time as a new patient. The goal is to set up a lifetime strategy of professional hygienist maintenance and ideal home care - this concept will result in better dental health for patients and a more thriving dental practice.

2) The importance of achieving excellent periodontal health by brushing correctly with an electric toothbrush, daily effective interdental cleaning, and the use of an ideal mouthwash (e.g. Ultradex). Tongue cleaning is also important, and the patient should be shown how to do this properly. The use of a “HYGIENE PACK or GOODY BAG” issued on the first hygienist visit will be discussed.

3) Discuss the topic of halitosis (bad breath), a condition that affects 25% of the population. This is more than those that suffer from diabetes (6%) or asthma (8%) and a similar number to those who have chronic gum disease (15-30%) Research shows that the condition is very much a TABOO SUBJECT, often causing anxiety, worry and distress. Halitosis may be associated with a variety of oral and medical conditions. Dental professionals are ideally placed to assist the patient in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of halitosis.

4) The importance of excellent periodontal health in restorative dentistry. By having healthy gums that don’t bleed will result in high quality aesthetic dentistry using bonding techniques, and better looking & longer lasting restorations. The use of Ultradex will be explained in Smile Makeover techniques, and during temporarisation procedures for crown/bridge and implant techniques.


  • Learn techniques to improve communications skills with patients, and the best ways of explaining gum disease and “bad breath” in an easy and visual manner
  • Understand the importance of developing the Hygiene & Fresh Breath Centre within the practice
  • Understand the signs associated with halitosis and its effect on individuals and those around them
  • Learn about the advice and treatment options for patients
  • Discuss halitosis as part of patient education and motivation towards improved oral health
  • Appreciate the importance of using a mouthwash like Ultradex for all their patients (to achieve excellent results in adhesive dentistry)

Dr. Ash Parmar, Founder of The Academy by Ash, The Academy by Ash