Tales of everything that can go wrong in a practice sale & how they can be avoided

Friday, October 18, 2019 11:45 - 12:30


Many people assume that buying and selling a dental practice is just a question of matching a buyer and seller together, but this is now only a fraction of the story as we operate in a world with increasing litigation, regulation and financial scrutiny. Having collectively weathered more than a quarter of century of trading dental practices Luke and Paul will discuss everything you haven’t thought of that has gone wrong in the transactions they have acted and how is it possible to avoid these whether you are buying, selling or both saving both wasted time and money!


1. A Full Understanding of the Dental Practice Transaction Process

2. Identify the Key Areas which Impair Goodwill

3. A Working Knowledge of What Both Frightens & Excites the Market

Luke Moore, Director, Dental Elite