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Simon Thackery

Simon Thackery

Clinical Director, Thackeray Dental Care, Director of BAPD
United Kingdom

As member of the dental profession for almost 30 years, I have always been a touch on the outspoken side, which has sometimes meant I have opinions that others don't necessarily agree with,  but hopefully still have more friends than enemies in the profession! I am one of the founder members of the British Association of Private Dentistry and currently sit on the Executive Committee of that organisation as the secretary. 

I am hugely supported by my wife Claire and son Noah in my professional and personal life. We are a family of dog lovers, with a pack of 3 rescue dogs that run our lives. I currently reside in Derbyshire and work in Nottinghamshire where I am also the BDA GDPC representative. My outside interests are photography and music, two things that allow my creative side to be exercised, and I have enjoyed performing in many different places, including Sheffield Arena.


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