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Koushik Naik

Koushik Naik

Clinical Director for Smile Orchard Bristol and Founding Director for Dental Routes, Smile Orchard Bristol and Dental Routes
United Kingdom
Dr Koushik Naik has been at the cutting edge of dentistry for more than two decades and has a keen interest in advanced oral rehabilitation procedures, aesthetics, occlusion and the field of laser treatment. He has practised across two continents and has been taught by some of the world's most accomplished tutors and mentors. He holds a Master's degree in Oral Surgery and Dental Implantology and is the Clinical Director and owner of a premier dental clinic and centre of learning in the South West. Koushik now trains and mentors fellow dentists in implantology and minimally invasive techniques using lasers. He is a passionate advocate of technology integration into everyday practice to support and enhance the patient journey.

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