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Josette Camilleri

Josette Camilleri

Professor of Endodontics and Applied Materials , University of Birmingham

Josette Camilleri a Professor in Endodontics and Applied Materials at the School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham. Her research interests include endodontic materials with particular interest in mineral trioxide aggregate. She has completed her PhD degree supervised by the late Prof Tom Pitt Ford at King's College, London and has worked both in dentistry and civil engineering. Josette has published over 150 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and her work is cited over 13,000 times. Three of her publications on the chemistry of mineral trioxide aggregate have been placed in the top 50 most cited papers in International Endodontic Journal. In 2018, she has been awarded the Louis Grossman prize by the French Endodontic Society and is the first female recipient of this prestigious award. She is the Chief Specialty Editor for Dental Materials in Frontiers in Dental Medicine and a senior editorial board member of Scientific Reports (Nature). 


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