New Technology Briefing: New Colgate Total


The next generation toothpaste for Whole Mouth Health – pathway to everyday prevention.

Colgate® announces the launch of its next generation Colgate Total® toothpaste designed to proactively protect hard and soft oral tissues – tongue, teeth, cheeks and gums – against the most prevalent oral diseases: gum problems and caries.

Periodontal disease and caries are both preventable in their early stages (gum problems and White Spot Lesions, respectively). Yet, despite the efforts of the dental profession to improve oral hygiene, these diseases continue to be a public health concern, with up to 50% of the global population estimated to be affected.1,2 Moreover, patients are looking for guidance and support from their dentist to make sure they are being as proactive as possible for better oral health.

Reducing periodontal disease and caries offers societal benefits
Reducing the incidence and prevalence of caries and periodontal disease has the potential not only to improve health and wellbeing in the general population, but also to reduce the growing financial pressure on publicly funded healthcare systems.3

The economic burden of these untreated diseases is likely to increase due to population longevity which is an important aspect to policy makers.3,4 Attention has focused on controlling bacteria in dental plaque, while the value of Whole Mouth Health has been underestimated.

Whole Mouth Health and the role of dental biofilm
The concept of Whole Mouth Health is based on the importance of achieving more than just healthy teeth -all oral tissues need to be healthy. Teeth, the hard tissue, account for only 20% of oral structures, while the soft tissue, tongue, cheeks and gums represent the 80% majority. To retain a healthy mouth, protection of all surfaces is needed.

Disrupting the cycle
Bacteria can colonise on the teeth, initiating the formation of dental biofilm, but they also adhere to soft tissues in the mouth. From here they recolonise on the surface of teeth that have been brushed, rebuilding the dental biofilm causing diseases to reoccur. Protecting the soft tissues prevents adherence of bacterial biofilm and so protects the soft tissue and hard surfaces from bacterial colonisation.

Regular fluoride toothpaste* is not enough to achieve Whole Mouth Health – it only protects hard surfaces with fluoride. Regular fluoride toothpaste* does not protect the hard surfaces from repopulating with bacteria harbored in the soft tissues.

Whole Mouth Health as the new paradigm for prevention
The route to improving Whole Mouth Health is to prevent the build-up of oral biofilm and achieve good bacterial control on all oral surfaces, both hard and soft tissues.

The best way to achieve this is having an everyday prevention routine with the daily use of a toothpaste with proven protection against bacteria – a toothpaste that can strengthen the mouth’s natural defences.

The next generation toothpaste, a clinically proven step forward in the quest for Whole Mouth Health
Decades of research have led to the development of a patented formulation for new Colgate Total®. This advanced toothpaste helps achieve Whole Mouth Health with a new technology that works with dual zinc plus arginine to provide proactive protection to the whole mouth, and help prevent the most relevant oral diseases and conditions.

A toothpaste designed to work with the chemistry and biology of the mouth:
The formulation of dual zinc plus arginine effectively controls biofilm, through:5

  • Weakening to kill bacteria by interfering in bacteria metabolism and reducing their nutrient uptake
  • Slowing bacterial growth
  • Enhancing soft tissue’s natural defence with a protective barrier that adheres to tongue, teeth, cheeks and gums
  • Limiting bacterial adherence to hard and soft tissues for 12 hour protection6,**

Clinically proven whole mouth antimicrobial protection
Studies show that new Colgate Total® reduces bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks, and gums (TTCG) by up to 38.3% on Teeth, 39.7% on Tongue, 35.4% on Cheeks, and 25.9% on Gums.6,**†

Clinically proven to reduce plaque and gum problems
New Colgate Total® is clinically proven to reduce plaque (by 30.1%; p<0.001) and gum problems (by 26.3%; p<0.001) when compared to ordinary non-antibacterial fluoride toothpaste after six months.7

Superior‡ reduction of plaque and gum problems compared to Oral-B Pro-Expert
New Colgate Total® helped patients achieve superior‡ control of plaque and gum problems compared to Oral-B Pro-Expert.8

New Colgate Total® – proactive protection for Whole Mouth Health
  • Prevents tooth decay/cavities and repair weakened enamel9
  • Superior plaque reduction7,†
  • Superior reduction of gum problems and gum bleeding7,†
  • Fights bacteria to keep breath fresh10
  • Cares for sensitive teeth
  • Superior reduction of sensitivity11,†
  • Superior reduction of tartar12,†
  • Reduces stains and stain intensity13,†
  • Protects against erosive damage14,§

Additional benefits:

  • Long lasting freshness15
  • For 12 hours fresh breath10,#
  • The fluoride level meets with the international standards for toothpaste efficacy in caries prevention

New Colgate Total® is the advanced way to achieve Whole Mouth Health by proactively controlling and protecting against bacteria on 100% of mouth surfaces, Teeth, Tongue, Cheeks and Gums.

By recommending new Colgate Total® to your patients, they will have an advanced single solution for better, more complete oral health.†

If you would like more information about the clinically proven benefits and efficacy of new Colgate Total®, visit our website at:

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* defined as non-antibacterial toothpaste
** after 4 weeks use, 12 hours after brushing
‡ statistically significant (p<0.05) differences between Colgate Total® and Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpastes (only relevant data shown in the graph, comparison to Oral-B Pro-Expert stannous fluoride, sodium hexametaphosphate and zinc lactate formula, available in UK)
† vs ordinary non-anti-bacterial fluoride toothpaste
# with continuous use, after 3 weeks
§ in vitro data
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