Media Partners

We're incredibly proud to have worked with the following Media Partners.

Media Partners

The Dentist

A Monthly glossy title that has a controlled circulation which is audited by the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations). The terms and conditions specify that you must be a practising GDP or Practice Manager to receive the journal. Editorially since its launch the journal has focussed on practice management features/issues, with regular features on business, IT and legal cases that the clinician needs to be aware of to run a successful practice with either a private or combined NHS and private patient list.

The Journal is a perfect bound stylish magazine and editorially is article led rather than product, giving the reader a full insight into the article/ information rather than just company profiles.

Dental Update

Launched in 1973, Dental Update is a clinical journal that is only available on subscription. It is fully audited by the ABC and now boasts a circulation of 7,599 per month 7,000 more than its nearest rival. The Subscription rate for the UK is £99. Editorially the journal is aimed at the general practitioner. Dental Update also offers 40 hours of verifiable CPD either online or traditional methods.

The website, only accessible to subscribers, achieves over 10,000 unique users per month from the subscriber base and over 40,000 downloads from dental schools. Every UK Dental School has an online subscription for multiple access to the website. Dental Update has appeared on Medline and Pub Med the world’s largest medical library for peer reviewed clinical journals for over 30 years.

Dental Nursing

Dental Nursing is the only monthly journal dedicated solely to addressing the clinical and professional issues relevant to dental nurses. All perspectives are covered, and our distinguished editorial board guarantees that only pertinent, high-quality articles are selected for publication each month. Dental Nursing will help you update your knowledge in important areas of practice and ultimately deliver the best possible care to your patients as well as ensuring that you keep fully up-to-date with the latest developments taking place in clinical practice as they affect you, the dental nurse.

Dental Nursing and Dental Nursing Online CPD will provide you with ALL your verifiable and non-verifiable CPD requirements, at your fingertips, and at a time suited to your schedule.