The 7 big mistakes dentists unwittingly make; exposing them to expensive lawsuits

Saturday, October 19, 2019 15:45 - 16:15


To equip the General Dental Practitioner with the skills necessary to minimise risk and optimise opportunity, through personal and professional growth in practice.


  • Describe how to reduce stress with valid, informed consent   
  • Recognise the advantages of good record keeping
  • Understand the importance of patient communication 
  • Appreciate how to align patient expectations predictably
  • Understand the advanced skills required to competently handle complaints 

Learning Content

This training session will equip the practitioner with the skills required to consistently optimise patient care, feel valued as a dentist and eliminate burnout and overwhelm.

Leonard Maguire, General Dental Surgeon, The Dentists Academy

Derek Maguire, General Dental Surgeon, The Dentists Academy