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  • Anaesthetics & Sedation
  • Consumables (Non-PPE)
  • Digital Dentistry
  • Loupes & Optical Devices
  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry
  • PPE
  • Restoratives, Bonding Agents, Finishing & Polishing Products

Evident specialises in providing functionally superior products for dentists, hygienists, therapists and technicians. Products made by experts - sold by experts - used by experts!

Key products include:

  • Kepler Advanced: The world´s lightest adjustable loupe with 4 magnifications 3.6x-4.5x-5.5x and 6.4x. Available with Blue Light Protection.
  • Essential One Wireless LED Light: A frame-mounted lamp, powered by featherlight batteries.
  • OXO: The first 4K dental video camera that supports Electronic Image Stabilisation. 38g grams of world leading imaging technology. Ideal for any dentist who wants to promote their work in video. Now available with a Headband.
  • Calaject: Helps you deliver consistently comfortable injections with ease. Even nervous patients feel relaxed. A real practice builder.
  • NEW bulkEZ PLUS: Same great benefits as bulkEZ but now with enhanced shade-matching, polishability and higher wear resistance.
  • Happynecks Headrest: Offers maximum support: available in Regular, Kids and Lumbar.
  • PROtect-shield: An ultra-clear and light-weight reusable full-face visor.


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United Kingdom


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  • With Kepler Advanced, you can switch between all four magnifications with ease and speed thanks to its Turn'N'Click system. This versatility ensures that whatever your procedure, Kepler Advanced provi ...
  • Available in 3.5x or 4.6x or 5.7x. Kepler lenses allow for stronger magnification and an edge-to-edge sharp image thanks to the use of their lightweight prisms. ExamVision uses the best ultra-lightwei ...
  • Available in 2.3HD or 2.8HD or 3.3HD or 3.8HD  Exceptional clarity and depth of field.  Easy to adjust to and wear all day - every day. Well-balanced loupes that will help you to maintain a healthy wo ...
  • Introducing the ALL NEW bulkEZ PLUS!            
  • Utilising the same Intellitek Technology for unlimited cure depth and microleakage prevention as the original, BulkEZ PLUS now incorporates state of the art 80 nm spherical zirconia fillers, enhancing ...
  • I’ve been using loupes for the past 20 years and have had a pair of almost every brand of loupes out there. I can honestly say the ExamVision Kepler Advanced loupes are one of the best I have ever com ...
  • Toby Edwards-Lunn explains his solution for neck position problems in surgery. When was the last time you sat in your own dental chair? Many of us use the chair only to rest our weary eyes for 40 wink ...
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