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ReciPRO blue Files 25mm R25 Qty 6

3D scanner & Endo - UK Dentistry Ltd Stand: F21

Reci PRO blue NiTi Endodontic Sterile Files. Compatible with the leading brand's file system.


Heat-treated nickel-titanium for increased flexibility and strength / Can be bent into shape of a canal easily  / Single reciprocating file system 


This file system is designed for one file shaping. Therefore, a root canal can be completely prepared with only one reciprocating instrument, without creating a glide path in the majority of cases.


The s-shaped cross-section cuts efficiently thanks to its special design. The instrument moves without pushing so that stress on dentin is minimised. The root canal preparation time is reduced as well as cost, thanks to the single-use instrument approach.



Provided in sterile blisters for single use. These files have significantly reduced risk of instrument fracture and could be used 8-10 times (R25) and 10-12 times (R40, R40) in countries, where regulations allow to do so.

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