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04 Dec 2023

Mind Flossing toolkit (second edition)

Mind Ninja Stand: E69

Edition 2 of the Mind Flossing toolkit isdesigned to increase positive emotions, positive thoughts and actions of the whole team. It comprises: 

· A practical deck of 60 cards covering 11 well-being categories, eg emotions and thoughts, self-compassion, journaling, gratitude, self-care.

· 13 guided meditation audios which pair up with the cards, which include topics such as body scan, gratitude meditation and burnout recognition. Scan QR code on the card to listen.

· Durable presentation box 

The Mind Flossing toolkit Edition 2 is your guide to enhancing resilience and well-being using evidenced-based science. Drawing on Positive Psychology, this beautifully illustrated toolkit explores what it means to practise mindfulness and self-compassion as a Dental Care Professional. Bursting with practical tools and easy-to-follow exercises, from meditation, journaling to creative activities, this toolkit will help you build your muscles of gratitude, optimism, self-compassion, mindfulness, and resilience. Mind Flossing takes you through, card by card, the steps to create a happy and meaningful life. 

Created by Dr Mahrukh Khwaja; dentist and Positive Psychologist.



  • Evidenced-based tools
  • Builds greater psychological well-being and resilience
  • Quick, practical activities
  • Activities to use when with patients 
  • Covers a massive range of topics; burnout, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and the mental health continuum to mindfulness, self-compassion, using strengths, optimism, team resilience, yoga, forest bathing, and more
  • Created by a dentist for dental professionals

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