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Make NSK your Endo Mate!

NSK Stand: J50, B11

NSK’s endo range is ideal for specialist endodontists and general dentists alike.

The Endo-Mate DT2 motor and handpiece is compatible with all popular brands of NiTi files. The unit is lightweight and portable, with a large LCD display and an advanced memory function that can store up to nine speeds and torque settings.

The Endo-Mate TC2 motor and handpiece is a cordless version of the Endo-mate. It has a simple 5-key operation. The Auto-Reverse and Alarm function sounds an alert when the preset torque level has been reached, ensuring safer procedures. The handpieces are interchangeable between both Endo-Mate units.

NSK’s iPex II Apex Locator uses SmartLogic technology for accurate measurement. It is able to operate in all conditions, including dry, wet and bloody root canals.

NSK also provides a range of ultrasonic endo tips which are designed for specific conditions and access, including root canal cleaning, access refinement and the cleaning of calcified canals.

Discover more on the NSK Stand J50.


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