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Kiroku for dentists


Clinical notes are repetitive. Use that to your advantage!

With Kiroku, your templates contain clickable buttons that auto-populate the section you’re working on. Based on what you click, they pre-fill related sections for you as you work, meaning you’ll fly through note-taking.

Kiroku works in tandem with whatever apps you already use. Just generate your notes in Kiroku, then paste them into whatever software your practice uses!

Have you ever struggled to delegate note-taking to someone who doesn’t feel confident in their written language when it comes to medical terminology? Kiroku’s presets mean no one ever has to worry about the spelling of lingual mucosa again! Kiroku can be used by anyone in the team and helps you complete your notes during an apointment. No need to take up your lunch break or stay late to get them done!

When you use Kiroku you’re tapping into the experience of the thousands of dentists who use the platform each week. Our AI watches for behaviours, patterns and trends - and then gives you subtle prompts to refine your templates based on your style.

Kiroku was founded by a machine learning engineer and a dentist. Today we have a robust team of practicing dentists on our team, helping and advising our customers. We’re constantly in touch with our userbase, taking queries and building new features.



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