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HyFlex EDM OGSF Sequence File System

COLTENE Stand: D49

OGSF Sequence
The new HyFlex EDM files –
Designed to be used as a sequence

The HyFlex EDM file system offers a tailor-made solution for fast and
reliable preparation of simple as well as complex root canal
anatomies. Evidence shows that by applying checklists and following
standard procedures, reproducibility and safety are increased. Based
on this awareness, COLTENE offers new HyFlex EDM files designed to be used as a sequence with one, straight forward protocol.

The new HyFlex EDM OGSF sequence includes a new Orifice Opener and Glidepath file for opening the glide path, as well as a Shaping file for shaping the root canal over the full length. The defined treatment procedure makes the preparation easy and keeps the learning curve short. Due to the optimized match of tip sizes and tapers, designed in cooperation with Prof. Pedullà, the files provide a smooth feeling when shifting from one file to another and help you to keep control over the treatment.

  • Efficient treatment with high cutting performance
  • High fracture resistance and flexibility
  • Centered preparation of the canal
  • Only one shaping file
  • Sterile blister
  • 2 lengths: 21 and 25 mm


  • Accessories
  • Consumables (Non-PPE)
  • Disinfection and Sterilisation
  • Endodontics
  • Hand Instruments
  • Handpieces & Rotary Instruments
  • Impression Materials
  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry
  • Restoratives, Bonding Agents, Finishing & Polishing Products
  • Small Equipment

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