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25 Jan 2023

Find Your Perfect Fit with Q-Optics Loupes

Swallow Stand: G31

Whether you chose Prismatic or Galilean, Q-Optics dental loupes are perfectly customised to you for your perfect fit.

The human face is one of the most subtly complex parts of the human body. That’s why we believe the fit of your dental loupes should be determined by more than just interpupillary distance.

Exclusive to Q-Optics, True-Fit™ Technology ensures that your custom-built TTL Dental Loupes are as unique as you are by digitally capturing all your necessary facial features and frame fit characteristics.

With Q-Optics loupes, there are no standard angles. By taking precise measurements for working distances, pupillary distances and drill heights, our loupes specialist can guarantee your loupes fit you perfectly.

Couple this with high clarity lenses, unrivalled customer service and a total lifetime warranty for total peace of mind, it is easy to see why Q-Optics loupes are recommended by dental professioanals.

Visit us to find out why our customers repeatedly tell us Q-Optics loupes and lights are the best they have ever tried. 


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