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28 Dec 2022



With the new P4000 system for 3D printing, Zirkonzahn provides dentists and dental technicians with a pre-set package specially conceived for the dental workflow and the manufacture of resin dental models. The system, which includes the P4000 Printer, the Zirkonzahn.Slicer software and the L300 Post-Curing Lamp, works ideally in combination with the Printer Resin Waterbased Beige resin by Zirkonzahn.

The P4000 Printer is a space-saving LCD printer equipped with a high-resolution 4K monochrome display. Depending on the structure and dimensions, the large printing volume (L x W x H:
20 x 12.5 x 20 cm), allows the simultaneous production of up to 21 Geller models or 15 full-arch models.

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