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Dental Update - Current Live Edition: Volume 50 Number 2 - February 2023

 In our February issue!

- Why does Patient Mental Health Matter? Part 5: Chronic Orofacial Pain as a Consequence of Psychiatric Disorders
- Acrylic Dentures: Fill the Gap. Part 2. Indirect Retention, Major Connectors, Review of the Design and Case Study
-  Healing of Peri-apical Lesions with Calcium Hydroxide Medicament following Apical Enlargement: A Case Study
- Management of Root Perforation and Sodium Hypochlorite Extrusion Injury
-An Introduction to a Modern Procedure for Anterior Composite Restorations and Black Triangle Closure Using a Novel Matrix System: Part 1
- Should Small Volume CBCT Imaging be used for Managing Complex Dental Trauma?
-An Anaphylactic Replantation: Milk Allergy, Tooth Avulsion and Appropriate Storage Media
- Third Molars: Not So NICE? Risk Factors for Distal Caries in Mandibular Second Molars
- Scarlet Fever and the Dental Team
- Dental extraction forceps: choose wisely


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