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DAOS Automatic Oral Scanner

MediSensonic Stand: H19

DAOS Devntiv by Medisensonic is a ground-breaking automatic oral scanner that provides precise images of the oral cavity in three-dimensional form. It allows traditional impressions to be dispensed with completely, meaning less discomfort for patients. It is also a competitive product to hand-held intraoral scanners, as it provides precise reconstruction and 100% repeatability of scans right from the first time. Due to its automatic nature, the device eliminates the need for special training for staff. The operator can be a doctor, technician or hygienist. The DAOS scanner reduces the time needed to obtain a correct image of the oral cavity, scanning takes less than 2 minutes, which has a beneficial effect on the efficiency of dental, orthodontic and prosthetic surgeries and also ensures the safety and comfort of patients. The DAOS project is well advanced, the software is already being developed and the whole thing is approaching the start of clinical trials. 


  • Digital Dentistry
  • Minimally Invasive Dentistry

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