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28 Dec 2022

Zirkonzahn Face Hunter/PlaneSystem

FACE HUNTER – Zirkonzahn’s facial scanner

This tool makes it possible to work with the patient’s physiognomy, which enables the user to transfer the facial scan data, together with the models, in the virtual articulator in relation to the axis.

With a single click it is possible to scan the patient’s face in a few seconds only. The scanner can also be used out of the dental laboratory, just using a laptop. 3D facial scan data can bring many advantages not only to the dental technician but also to the dentist and the patient. Facial scans can be combined with dental technician Udo Plaster’s PlaneSystem®. The PlaneSystem® is an innovative approach for capturing and measuring patient-specific occlusal information, for a precise planning security, a comprehensive patient consultation and better communication between patient, dentist, orthodontist and dental technician. The PlaneSystem® is composed of the PlaneFinder®, to detect the patient’s Natural Head Position (NHP) as well as his occlusal plane angle, the PS1 physical articulator, and the PlanePositioner®, a platform used to position the maxillary cast in the PS1 articulator and to reproduce the occlusal plane.

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