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22 Jan 2024

StarMintz - Where fresh meets comfort

StarMintz Stand: C71
Confidence in a bag

About StarMintz:

StarMintz is a pioneering brand committed to transforming oral care for aligner wearers. With its patented star-shaped breath mints, crafted from natural ingredients, StarMintz not only freshens breath but also enhances the aligner experience. Discover innovation and confidence in every smile with StarMintz.

StarMintz, our trailblazer in oral care, is set to unveil our revolutionary aligner-friendly breath mints at the upcoming expo in London scheduled for March.

Our patented star-shaped mints not only deliver a burst of natural freshness but also play a pivotal role in enhancing aligner comfort. Crafted from four natural ingredients, StarMintz represents a paradigm shift in oral hygiene for aligner wearers. Attendees can experience the innovation firsthand at Booth C71, where the StarMintz team will showcase the magic behind the mint. Elevate your oral care routine with StarMintz – redefining smiles, one mint at a time.

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