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21 Mar 2024

SprintRay Revolutionizes Chairside 3D Printing Workflows

SprintRay Stand: E31
Complete Chairside 3D Printing Solution with SprintRay

At the core of the SprintRay 3D printing ecosystem are precision-engineered printers meticulously designed for dental applications. These printers seamlessly integrate with the automated ProWash S wash and dry system, featuring advanced software and cloud capabilities that facilitate seamless communication between various SprintRay devices. Complementing this, the ProCure 2 curing device sets a new industry benchmark, delivering rapid dental model curing in as little as 90 seconds.

Championing the cause of chairside 3D printing, SprintRay is driving workflows to unprecedented speeds, supporting comprehensive treatments in a single appointment. The introduction of the Crown Kit to the SprintRay ecosystem further amplifies speed, enabling the printing of definitive crowns in under 15 minutes. Integrated with AI Cloud Design, a groundbreaking feature that crafts crowns in less than 5 minutes, SprintRay positions itself as the industry's first true chairside 3D printing solution. Amir Mansouri, CEO of SprintRay Inc., notes, "With our 'Crown Kit,' it is now possible to print definitive crowns in less than 15 minutes. With AI Cloud Design that designs crowns in under 5 minutes, the complete workflow from data capturing to delivering to the patient can be done within an hour."

Beyond cutting-edge hardware, SprintRay offers a comprehensive workflow solution, encompassing the intelligent and AI-supported nesting and slicing software, RayWare, premium resins, and Design Services.

SprintRay's commitment to innovation extends to groundbreaking materials, exemplified by the introduction of the SprintRay NightGuard Flex. This material, designed for durability and flexibility, has quickly become a patient favorite. Patrick Thurm, General Manager of SprintRay Europe, affirms, "We are pleased to offer our latest Nightguard materials to our customers worldwide."

While nightguards and crowns represent only a fraction of SprintRay's extensive workflow capabilities, the company supports a diverse range of dental applications, from high-class materials for dentures to surgical guides and try-ins. The Design Services further simplify implementation, providing dental professionals with case-by-case design options for the full spectrum of dental indications. Professionals can easily upload intraoral scans and treatment information, receiving ready-to-print STL files. RayWare automates the placement of prints on the platform and assists users with the setup, ensuring a truly frictionless workflow.

As part of its ongoing commitment to advancing dental technology, SprintRay invites industry professionals and enthusiasts to meet the team at AEEDC 2024. Visit booth PH03 to explore the latest advancements in SprintRay’s 3D Printing Workflows.

About SprintRay

SprintRay is a frontrunner in user-friendly and innovative solutions for digital dentistry, offering a range of products, including 3D printers, post-processing systems, advanced AI-powered software, and groundbreaking materials. SprintRay empowers dentists to deliver superior treatment and patient experiences. For more information, visit

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