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19 Mar 2024

Revolution in dentistry – polish engineers work on non-invasive diagnostics!

MediSensonic Stand: H19

Specialising in microwave and photo-optical technology, the Polish company MediSensonic, creates world-class innovative solutions for non-invasive medical diagnostics. Currently, a team of experienced engineers is preparing to revolutionise the field of dental diagnostics. Their latest research and development projects, such as DAOS and MPVT, aim to improve the quality of diagnostics in dental practices and modernise the work of dentists. Patients will be able to enjoy precision and safety during diagnosis and benefit from comfortable and fully non-invasive solutions. The last feature that deserves special attention is the one that will soon make us experience a real breakthrough in dentistry. It is worth emphasizing that oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people around the world. So the potential is huge.

Non-invasive dental diagnostics is possible!

The above-mentioned innovative projects are: MPVT – a painless microwave pulp vitality tester, and DAOS – an automated intraoral scanner developed from Deventiv by Medisensonic.

- DAOS and MPVT are setting new standards in dental diagnostics, offering dentists with innovative tools for their work and patients with diagnostic comfort and care for their oral health  – says prof. Zenon Szczepaniak, Director of Research and Development at MediSensonic.

DAOS by Devntiv is a ground-breaking automatic oral scanner that provides precise images of the oral cavity in three-dimensional form. It allows traditional impressions to be dispensed with completely, meaning less discomfort for patients. It is also a competitive product to hand-held intraoral scanners, as it provides precise reconstruction from the first time and 100% repeatability of scans right. Due to its automatic nature, the device eliminates the need for special training for staff. The operator can be a doctor, technician or hygienist. The DAOS scanner reduces the time needed to obtain a correct image of the oral cavity, scanning takes less than 2 minutes, which has a beneficial effect on the efficiency of dental, orthodontic and prosthetic surgeries and also ensures the safety and comfort of patients.

- The scanner will replace the commonly used inconvenient dental impressions based on alginate or silicone, as well as manual dental scanners, which are inaccurate and do not guarantee reproducible results. – Zenon Szczepaniak comments.


MPVT: Microwave Pulp Vitality Tester

Another innovative solution by MediSensonic is the MPVT, a microwave pulp vitality tester that examines blood flow in the tooth pulp. Unlike the competing Laser Doppler Flow Meter, which is not only expensive but also complicated to use, the MPVT offers a simple, fast and precise diagnosis by applying the tester to the tooth, without the need for impressions or other procedures. The measurement is taken within 30 seconds. After this time, the result can be read, which is captured on a 5-grade scale that gives an accurate indication of the level of blood flow in the dental pulp. An additional advantage of the MPVT is that it is wireless and mobile, making it suitable for use virtually anywhere and making it an extremely useful tool in the daily work of any dentist.

Both of these products, DAOS and MPVT, have undergone clinical trials, which are encouraging. The MPVT is already after three test cycles, which clearly indicate that the algorithms used work effectively. As a result, prototype devices have been made. This provides the opportunity for new insights into diagnostics and the establishment of a new gold standard in dental pulp viability testing. These breakthrough products will probably revolutionise the standards of diagnosis and measurement in dentistry.


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