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21 Mar 2023

Patients’ attitudes towards DentalMonitoring: A global survey.

DentalMonitoring Stand: K20

The purpose of this study was to analyze the attitude of orthodontic patients of different ages and in different countries towards the use of DentalMonitoringTM(DM) an AI-powered remote monitoring solution that consists of a Doctor’s dashboard, patient’s smartphone application, and patented algorithms to analyze clinical situations and automate the communication process. Seventeen orthodontists from ten countries (USA, Australia, France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, and Germany) were enrolled in this private practice-based cross-sectional study. The vast majority of patients expressed a very positive attitude toward the different aspects of their remote monitoring experience.

In addition, DM obtained an NPS of 51.5 in this study. According to Bain & co (the source of the NPS system), any NPS score above 0 is “good”, above 20 is “favorable”, and above 50 is “excellent”. This confirms that patients were highly satisfied with their remote monitoring experience with DM. To put this further into perspective, according to recent surveys, the average NPS of dental practices today is 1 and in healthcare is 27 (Survey says dental patients are dissatisfied: Solving the patient experi- ence problem. (2017, August 4). Dentistry IQ. Retrieved August 24, 2022, from: cle/16365771/survey-says-dental-patients-are-dissatisfied-solving-the-pa-tient-experi- ence-problem.)

The patients in this study showed a very positive attitude towards all as- pects of their remote monitoring experience regardless of their age or geographical location. The majority of patients found this approach to treatment very convenient with the most mentioned benefits being “fewer office visits”, “easy communication”, “reassurance”, “treatment progress vi- sualisation” and “personalised feedback”. We also saw a positive impact on compliance and hygiene.

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