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24 Jan 2024


Optident Stand: F40
Optident Team of the Year

At Optident we are continually looking for solutions that will help dental professionals across the UK practice better dentistry every day and are excited to announce the launch of three new products for 2024.

We are delighted to have recently added the Utopia family to our endodontic offering– to include Edge X7, EdgeOne R and EdgeTaper Blaze Files. Meticulously crafted with an ultra-control shank design, these files guarantee stability and accuracy at every step. They also boast FireWire Gold heat treatment, ensuring superior endodontic procedures which provide not only efficiency, safety, and flexibility but also less bobble and unwinding.

Another exciting addition to our lineup is the B.A International Ulticlean 500L which offers a modern approach for prevention, cleaning, and minimally invasive prophylaxis treatments. This multipurpose unit can be used for ultrasonic periodontal treatment, endodontic treatment, implant maintenance and more! The unit provides a deeper clean with no harm to patient teeth with the high concentricity of air and water paths, which enables a great powder coating and reduced spraying.

Finally, we are proud to unveil something from one of the leading manufacturers in loupes and headlight systems - PeriOptix. With PeriOptix Loupes not only can you rest assured that you will enhance your patients care with better visual acuity, but you can also promote proper ergonomics which can reduce fatigue and extend your career longevity. Powerful shadow-removing lights from PeriOptix also promise to improve visual acuity of the oral cavity and eliminate the need for constant light adjustment and are available in both corded and cordless options.

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