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22 Feb 2024

What are some important factors to look for when purchasing loupes?

UKloupes SurgiTel Stand: B59
Ergo Loupes - protect your neck!

Efficiency: A larger field of view allows the user to see more of the patient or work area, reducing the need to reposition themselves or the patient.

Comfort: It contributes to ergonomic comfort, as it reduces the need for excessive head movement which can lead to neck and back strain or musculoskeletal disorders. Our adjustable nose pad options help to evenly distribute the weight of the loupe across the nose bridge as well as prevent common fitting issues, leading to a more comfortable fit.

Depth of field: By having an optimized depth of field, you may be able to work faster, easier and more comfortably. With proprietary optical designs and assembly technology, SurgiTel can achieve a greater depth of field across all magnifications.

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