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Align Technology Introduces New SmartForce™ Attachment-free Aligner Activation Feature

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Align’s new biomechanics innovation leverages the SmartForce aligner activation innovations previously launched and builds upon its mechanics to help reduce the need for attachments and offer a more aesthetic solution for an enhanced Invisalign patient experience.


Align Technology has introduced a new SmartForce feature, attachment-free aligner activation, that helps minimise the number of attachments while maintaining predictable treatment outcomes. The new SmartForce attachment-free aligner activation feature builds on Align’s foundational biomechanics for clear aligners and its database of more than 17 million Invisalign patients to optimise tooth movements. It is the latest of the company’s many biomechanical innovations that enhance experiences for patients in Invisalign treatment.


Built into the Align Digital Platform ™ the attachment-free aligner activation feature is the newest innovation as part of the Align digital workflow. The Align digital workflow includes dedicated tools and capabilities for each stage of the Invisalign treatment journey. A related update to ClinCheck® treatment planning will include Live Update for 3D Controls that includes an attachment-free aligner activation selection.

SmartForce features, which include optimised attachments that are small tooth-coloured shapes attached to teeth, are designed to deliver precise forces when and where needed to achieve more predictable tooth movements. Double attachments are often needed on upper central (front) teeth to achieve desired mesiodistal root movements. Although optimized attachments are crucial for successful Invisalign treatment, with this new release, certain movements now can be achieved using a similar force system through aligner activation, reducing the need for double attachments on the centrals. If an attachment is still needed for certain scenarios, aligner activation will be present with a single optimized root control attachment as with other teeth such as canines and premolars.

“After extensive research it was clear to us that our doctors and their patients needed an aesthetic solution for an enhanced Invisalign treatment experience,” said Raj Pudipeddi, Align chief product & marketing officer, executive vice president and managing director Asia Pacific. “With this game changing innovation that builds on Align’s aligner activation innovations, we address the needs of doctors and their patients without compromising exceptional Invisalign treatment outcomes.”

With the introduction of the new attachment-free aligner activation feature, doctors can enhance the already excellent clinical care and improved aesthetics they deliver using Invisalign treatment. Analysis of over 2 million Invisalign treatment cases indicates that up to 38 percent of future cases may benefit from the new SmartForce aligner-free activation features for mesio-distal root movement.*

“Today, continued development of SmartForce features, especially SmartForce aligner activation, which uses strategic areas of contact of the aligners on the tooth for control of movements, allows doctors to reduce the number of visible attachments, including eliminating attachments in some cases, on the upper anterior teeth for diastema, mesio-distal uprighting, and midline shift to elevate their patients’ treatment experiences without compromising patient comfort and their treatment outcomes,” said Dr. Mitra Derakhshan, senior vice president, Global Clinical, Align Technology. “In cases where attachments are still necessary to ensure the optimal force systems, a single optimized root control attachment with SmartForce aligner activation is designed to achieve the same movement instead of the more visible double attachment.”

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