The Bambach Saddle Seat Ltd

The Bambach Saddle Seat was designed in 1985 following an observation by a remarkable Australian, Occupational Therapist, Mary Gale. Mary noticed that, while on horseback, many people who could not sit unsupported on a seat, bench or in a wheelchair were able to balance independently and assume symmetrical posture whilst sitting in a saddle on horseback.In this position these people experienced improved function overall. After extensive research and in collaboration with a team of: 2 Occupational Therapists, a Physiotherapist and an engineer, a prototypewas developed to replicate the saddle but for use as a normal seat and trials were carried out which led to The Bambach Saddle Seat shape used around the world today. The Bambach Saddle Seat is manufactured in the UK for the European Market , it is tested and approved to the highest level of European Standards for durability and strength and carries a 5 year manufacturers warranty, it is also registered as a Class 1, Medical Device. Research on the seated position whilst using a Bambach has been carried out by numerous Universities around the world and various papers have been published supporting this research and the benefits of sitting on the Bambach. One of the best ways to help prevent back problems is to retain your spines natural, stress free ‘S’ shape and this is exactly what is achieved when sitting on the Bambach. The design of The Bambach Saddle Seat ensures your spine naturally keeps this ‘S’ shape as you sit, stretch or even lean forward. The Bambach is available in 4 different sizes of saddle, with or without a backrest and varying different heights, depending on the user’s size. A vast range of colours are also available . Please visit us on Stand Q44 to try this unique product to see how you too can sithealthily.

Stand number: K48