For over a century Micro-Mega has been designing and manufacturing dental surgical instruments in the heart of Besançon, the French clock-making and micro-technology capital. Micro-Mega are the worldwide recognised specialists in endodontic products, producing high-quality instruments for dental professionals all over the world. Micro-Mega now offers the One Shape – the one and only NiTi instrument in continuous rotation for quality root canal shaping. One Shape allows for curved canal negotiation with an instrumental and easy dynamic. It’s non-working tip ensures an effective apical progression avoiding obstructions which are often preceded by instrument separation. Revo-S: A customised treatment using 3 instruments. This sequence with only 3 Nickel-Titanium instruments simplifies the initial endodontic treatment and optimises the cleaning – excellent cleaning, adaptive active length, the extended cutting part in coronal region increases instrument flexibility and facilitates the upward elimination of dentine debris.

Stand number: I52