IDS Spa - Blancone

IDS is a family owned company in the dental business since three generations. Thanks to 75 years of experience in the everyday needs and problems of modern dentistry, IDS is carrying out pioneering research and presenting increasingly innovative solutions to ensure the highest possible satisfaction of the dental professionals. In today's global marketplace, IDS is now offering its bestselling lines, to international markets with increasingly greater success. BlancOne teeth whitening system is the spearhead of IDS products’ portfolio. IDS vision is that teeth whitening, being a desire of most people, need to be not only safe and effective but also comfortable, without side effects and available at an affordable price. BlancOne innovative technology, is introducing new paradigm in teeth whitening with its worldwide novelty CLICK in office treatment, in just 10 minutes, without gum protection and minimal cost is the perfect tool to introduce teeth whitening to all patients right after hygiene sessions. With over 200.000 CLICK treatments performed by more than 3.000 dental centres in Italy since its launch in 2016, BlancOne is setting a new scenario for professional teeth bleaching and is now launching in all of Europe, the Middle and Far East with unconditional success.

Stand number: E21