Danville is a company dedicated to providing innovative dental products, delivering clinically superior results, at affordable prices. Their PrepStart Air Abrasion System, (water attachment available), is the non-traumatic alternative to the high-speed handpiece. While their MicroEtcher IIA, intraoral sandblaster, provides precision surface micro-roughening, improving bond strength by up to 400%. Available with self-contained dust cabinets in 2 sizes. NEW: BulkEZ - With unlimited depth of cure, no leakage and fast setting without ligh curing; BulkEZ really is in a class of its own. Designed for direct restorations, BulkEZ combines excellent flowable cavity adaption with high strength and wear resistance - all in one simple step. Its unique self-cure IntelliTekā„¢ technology is designed to specifically control and direct shrinkage while eliminating the risk of interproximal microleakage. With no layering or light-curing, no matter how deep the cavity, BulkEZ completes the process in as quickly as 90 seconds, saving you up to 5 minutes per procedure. NEW: Prelude ONE - a single component adhesive with incredible bond strength that can be used for self-etch, total-etch or selective etch. Perfect for use with BulkEZ as in areas where the light may not have fully cured the bond, BulkEZ will complete the cure! NEW: Mega V Contact Matrix Rings - designed to achieve consistently tight, reliable contacts. The inclined hoop allows for easy stacking while the Mega V's unique alloy and design combine to resist distortion and exhibit superior separating force. Autoclavable, they can be used for multiple procedures without distortion. The following will also be on show: StartFlow - this light-cure flowable delivers great control with perfect adaptation while its high compressive strength makes it very durable. Accolade SRO - is among the most radiopaque flowable on the market offering exceptional strength, aesthetics and polishability. Website: www.evident.co.uk Website: www.bulkez.co.uk Twitter: https://twitter.com/evidentdental Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evidentdental

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