Lessons from the flightdeck

11:35 - 12:15

If something goes wrong on the flightdeck, there could be very serious circumstances, while if something goes wrong in the dental surgery, the circumstances may not be so severe, but can lead to loss of patient confidence (in the dentist and the dental profession at large), an adverse mediolegal situation and/or great patient inconvenience and deteriorating oral health. Lessons from the flightdeck will therefore, from a commercial aviation perspective, a review of the management of risk & regulatory compliance, managing safety and developing a Safety Plan, developing a “Just Culture” and accompanying open reporting environment, initial and recurrent training philosophies, the use of checklists and Standard Operating Procedures, plus how to learn from incidents and share lessons learnt, with an aim to see whether ideas can transfer to dentistry.

Steve Hawkins, chief training pilot, British Airways