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Masterclass in Emulating Nature using Direct Composite Resin applied to a Severe Wear Case

25 Mar 2023
Aesthetics Theatre

        1. Appreciate ideal tooth morphology in order to create a beautiful aesthetic composite restoration which emulates nature. 

        2. Understand when increase in vertical dimension is required in wear cases. 

        3. Understanding multi layered composite restorations and Finishing and polishing a composite restoration to a world class American and British Academy accreditation standard. 

Aims: To provide advanced hints and tips on composite placement, applications and polishing applied to a severe wear case.  • Overview of increasing Vertical dimension in a wear case • Understanding placement of a multi layered composite • How to create primary, secondary and tertiary morphology • Structured Polishing protocol  

Richard Coates, Dental Surgeon - Riveredge Cosmetic Dentistry

CPD Outcomes


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