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Pushing the boundaries of Invisalign Go - exploring auxiliary techniques for exceptional outcomes

25 Mar 2023
Dental Update Theatre
Dental Update Theatre

CPD Outcomes: A,B,C

Join Dr. Morrison as she explores 3 Invisalign cases, using Invisalign Go and Invisalign Go Plus, showing how the application of elastics can help achieve finishes with excellent occlusal and successful aesthetic outcomes.

Management of simple to moderate cases can often be enhanced by using auxiliary techniques.Hear about the anchorage requirements in cases that need heavier IPR, and the type and strength of elastics to use in these situations to avoid loss of anchorage. How to apply the elastics, the potential pitfalls of using and avoiding elastics will be key themes of this talk, as well as assessing which cases are more likely to require these techniques.


CPD Outcomes

A, B, C


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