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Providing care for those that need it most: Oral health inequalities & high needs patients in dental practice

25 Mar 2023
CDO Theatre

Session Objectives: 

1. Understand why some patients find attending dental appointments difficult in order to help facilitate communication and formulate practice approaches to meet their needs.

2. Be aware of work on personalised care plans which support the care for high needs patients in dental practices.

3. Gain further understanding on the importance of CORE20Plus5, the integration of oral healthcare into wider health priorities and the potential added value of this approach to Integrated Care Systems (ICSs).  

Session Aims: 

The session will help attendees better understand barriers to dental care and how care for high needs patients can be appropriately provided in clinical practice. It will look at the significance of the CORE20Plus5 strategy in relation to oral health and what this currently means to Integrated Care Systems.

CPD Outcomes

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