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Putting the mouth back in the body

25 Mar 2023
CDO Theatre

Session Objectives: 

1. Identify key systemic diseases which may impact oral health and vice versa.

2. Become aware of specialised pathways and initiatives managing oral health in tandem with systemic health across England.

3. Explore and evaluate approaches of managing oral health to improve systemic health for patients across your clinical practice and the potential to collaborate across professions to generate improved health outcomes.

Session Aims: 

This session will enlighten attendees on the importance of aligning oral healthcare with systemic healthcare, whilst providing practical examples of how this synergistic relationship is being leveraged across clinical practice within England.

Divyash Patel, Clinical Policy Lead - Office of the Chief Dental Officer England
Shabir Shivji, Senior Dental Advisor, CVD Prevention Lead - Office of the Chief Dental Officer
Ismaeel Rafiq, Foundation Dentist, HEE, Yorkshire and Humber
Amar Pervaiz, Foundation Dentist, HEE, Yorkshire and Humber
Penelope Shirlaw, Chair London Local Dental Network, Consultant in Oral Medicine - NHSE London Region
Iain Chapple, Professor of Periodontolgy & Consultant in Restorative Dentistry

CPD Outcomes

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