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The pursuit of predictability, profitability and pleasure. Is this possible, and how?

25 Mar 2023
Clinical Theatre
Clinical Theatre


  1. An improved understanding of the principles of laser science, 
  2. Appreciate the different laser wavelengths and their uses 
  3. A solid understanding of the broad range of applications for lasers as part of a minimally invasive approach 

Aims: 1. To explore everyday challenges faced by dentists and learn how technology adoption can help overcome them 2. To discover alternative treatment approaches in implantology, endodontics and aesthetic dentistry 3. To consider how clinicians might improve clinical outcomes, predictability and patient satisfaction  

Koushik Naik, Clinical Director for Smile Orchard Bristol and Founding Director for Dental Routes - Smile Orchard Bristol and Dental Routes
Dental Routes   British Dental Supplies  

CPD Outcomes


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