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Super-charging skill mix: Managing the dental workforce in these unprecedented times

24 Mar 2023
CDO Theatre

Session Objectives: 

1. Identify ways of co-working between dental care professionals to support the use of skill mix within general dental practice.

2. Recognise the opportunities and challenges in implementing skill mix involving the collaboration of hygienists, therapists, dental nurses and dentists.

3.  Understand the merits of working within the NHS and overcome hurdles which may disincentivise the delivery of NHS care.

Session Aims:

Instil dental care professionals with knowledge and confidence in delivering care to patients through the effective use of skill mix in general NHS practice. The panel discussion will explore merits of working within the NHS, highlighting career progression and personal development opportunities, whilst addressing factors facilitating the cessation of NHSE care delivery.

Sana Movahedi, Clinical Workforce Advisor to the Chief Dental Officer England - HEE
Ahmed Babikir, Principal Dentist, Educational Supervisor
Marisa Lennie, Dental Hygienist & Therapist
Abbie Staton, Dental Therapist
Rebecca Harris, Deputy Chief Dental Officer England
Rachel Foskett-Tharby, Deputy Director for Dental & Ophthalmic Contracts - NHS England
Kiri Paul, Dentist
Amit Patel - Associate Dentist

CPD Outcomes

A, B, D

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