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The Business Confidence Panellists - LIVE

24 Mar 2023
Business Theatre
Business Theatre


  1. An understanding of current challenges within our business 
  2. Clear advice from a varied panel of experts and professionals 
  3. Solutions to the challenges we may face in 2023 

Aims:  A host of panellists from different fields of dentistry will answer any questions you submit, with expertise. 

Chris Barrow, Dental Business Coach - The Extreme Business Academy
David McEwan, Corporate Lawyer - Schofield Sweeney LLP
Richard Crook, Director & Dental Broker - Senovo Health
Mark Topley, CEO - Purpose Driven Business
Simon Thackery, Clinical Director - Thackeray Dental Care, Director of BAPD
Lisa Bainham, President - ADAM - Association of Dental Administrators and Managers
Sarah Buxton, Director and Solicitor - FTA Law
Corinne Clarke - Dental Hygienist
Johnny Minford, Specialist Dental Accountant - Minfords

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