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Aesthetic management of dark anterior teeth

24 Mar 2023
Aesthetics Theatre

        1. The use of inside-outside bleaching to improve the colour of dark teeth 

        2. The use of opaque ceramics, opaque cements / composites and altered preparation techniques to mask discoloured substrates. 

        3. Improved communication between dentists and dental technicians when delivering ceramic restorations to mask dark teeth. 

Aims:  Understand why bleaching should always be the first technique to consider in the management of dark teeth. To understand a variety of strategies to mask discolouration using ceramic restorations including use of opaque ceramics, opaque cements & composites and different preparation techniques to mask discolouration in a minimally invasive way. 

Chris Orr, Director of Education - Advanced Dental Seminars

CPD Outcomes

B, C

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