The event for the whole team

You reap what you sow’ is a well-known adage and certainly one that holds much relevance for building a successful dental practice. Behind every good business, is good people. But how do you define ‘good’? It is obviously a relative definition. One thing for certain though is that, if we want to improve either ourselves or our team, we are going to need to invest time and effort.

One way in which team members can broaden their skills and scope of practice is by attending industry events, such as Dental Showcase. Michaela Coates, a nurse from Shepton Mallet, tells us why she likes to attend industry events. “If you have the ways and means to get to a dental event I would urge any nurse to go. I would also urge nurses to take responsibility themselves for their own career development. This may mean investing some of your own time and money to reach your goals.

I sometimes hear colleagues complaining that their employer won’t pay for their CPD. In that case, start putting money aside for your own professional development. Maybe skip that latte each morning on the way to work and swap the M&S sarnie for a homemade one. You’ll be amazed how quickly your ‘CPD fund’ will mount up.

“Another reason to attend an exhibition is to network. Meeting other people who work in the same industry is invaluable. You can exchange ideas and share best practice. I love my team at Shepton Mallet and learn from them all the time, but there’s more to be gained from reaching out beyond your ‘practice bubble’ to the wider dental community. Dental Showcase is at the NEC so it’s easy to get to and very ‘do-able’ in a day.

“I plan to attend Showcase as I know it’s the biggest industry event in the dental calendar. The appeal to me comes from the broad range of lectures on offer as well as the large number of exhibitors. It’s a great opportunity to top-up CPD but, really, it’s more than that. You could achieve CPD very easily online, but I do not believe that this is the same experience as hearing the lecture live at an event.

“Attending such an event also allows you to explore different areas of dentistry all under one roof. I love oral health education. It’s tremendously rewarding to think that you can prevent disease through brushing your teeth properly and managing your diet. It’s such a simple message, but the consequences of not adhering to it can be catastrophic. Oncology is another area that interests me, and one in which I will seek further training. Cancer touches so many people. Oncologists do an amazing job in treating the disease, but often don’t have the necessary time to reinforce the oral health implications of treatment. At Dental Showcase I will be looking out for what’s new in these two areas.”