September 11, 2017

Revolutionise your practice with the NEW One Visit Crown!

Revolutionise your practice with the NEW One Visit Crown!

The NEW One Visit Crown (OVC) from Rhondium does exactly what it says on the tin – a permanent dental crown in a single appointment!

The OVC combines a pre-formed occlusal layer and an un-cured layer of hybrid ceramic. The un-cured layer of the OVC is pressed directly onto the tooth preparation and acts as the impression. After a quick spot cure, the OVC is finished outside the mouth. A truly innovative methodology that will benefit your patients and your practice – no need for impressions, dental labs, CAD/CAM machines or delays. Fast, easy and innovative.

The OVC is both efficient and patient friendly as the treatment can be completed in 45 minutes or less. No lab fee or surgery cost of second visit makes the OVC affordable as well as conservative due to the minimally invasive procedure. The pre-shaped surface and contacts give a precise fit and there is no requirement for impressions, cord packing or a temporary crown, increasing productivity.

Professor Edward Lynch will be speaking about the OVC at Dental Showcase on Friday 20th October at 1-1.45pm in the Dental Update theatre and there will be further information at the J&S Davis stand J26 throughout Dental Showcase. We hope to see you there!