October 17, 2017

iSmile's powerful reporting system

With more and more patients having access to smart phones and emails, it makes sense to extend your paperless system directly to your patient's mobile device. Patient Portal by iSmile allows your patients to fill out medical history forms and patient questionnaires on their mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers.

Forms are automatically emailed to patients, allowing them to securely fill them out online prior or post appointment. Not only does this give your patients a more connected experience, it also means less hassle filling out forms at reception.

Once the online forms are back in your practice management system they can be verified and signed by the patient using a digital signature pad. Patient Portal further allows you to use your own choice of tablet (iOS or Android) for form filling at the practice, in case there are patients that don't have access to a mobile device.

iSmile's powerful reporting system allows you to display data from patient feedback forms in a range of formats so you can analyse trends across different time periods to see how your business's customer service is improving.

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