Looking to the future – BDIA Showcase is bigger and better than ever!

Technology is constantly evolving and chances are it will have been a few years since there was an investment in new equipment for your practice. Your existing tools might be working just fine, and may not ever become obsolete, but aren’t you just a teeny weeny bit intrigued to find out just what’s out there and how it might assist you in your day-to-day work? At this year’s Dental Showcase, dental teams will gain an insight into the latest innovation in the industry.

To use a common analogy, if you’ve looked after your iPhone 4 it will still be functional and you may be happy with it but, what if you had an iPhone 7 in your hand and could see the advanced camera, hear the improved audio, feel the streamlined shape and learn about the better battery life not to mention the fact that it was water resistant! Well, at Dental Showcase you have the opportunity to see, hear, feel and learn about all that’s new in dentistry. Moreover, as everything is under one roof you can comfortably do it all in a day – and earn yourself some valuable CPD in the process.

Tomorrow’s World

New to this year’s Dental Showcase will be the Dental Surgery of The Future. Purpose-built for the show, it will include a reception area, built to the highest specification, a patient information zone and a fully functioning surgery, equipped with only the very latest technology. The futuristic surgery will have seating, so that delegates can relax during keynote speeches and demonstrations. As well as learning about what’s new in the industry, you will also be able to listen to talks on topics such as handling medical emergencies, 3D printing, business management matters and IRMER guidelines. Delegates will, of course, have the opportunity to play with all the new gadgets and gizmos in the surgery.

Education – the passport to the future

Once you’ve done a little ‘window shopping’ or maybe even bagged yourself an exclusive Showcase bargain, you might like to spend some time freshening up your CPD. The latest clinical content, delivered by the biggest names in the academic community, will be presented at the Dental Update Theatre. The programme, which will be chaired by the charismatic but also very pragmatic Professor Trevor Burke, will give you an unrivalled insight into the latest research. The scope of the programme will be wide, but common to all presentations will be the need to provide you with education, which you will be able to apply within your practice. Dental Update firmly believes that their lectures should focus on matters that impact the day-to-day lives of practices up and down the country. Priority entry will be given to Dental Update subscribers.

Dental Showcase

Dates – 19-21 October 2017
Venue – Birmingham NEC
Exclusively featuring:
The Surgery of the Future
Dental Update Theatre.