The great corporate practice grab: Getting the maximum for your practice in a changing landscape

Friday 5th October - 11:15 - 11:45

Luke Moore, co-founder and director, and Luke Arnold, director of recruitment services, Dental Elite


We are in a changing economic landscape, fueled by Brexit, regional differences and low morale within NHS dentistry. To address the impact on dentists and practice owners, this session will explore the current difficulties surrounding recruitment, how this might impair the growth of dental businesses in the future and latterly, have a direct impact on goodwill values. All these factors may impact a principal’s ability to grow and sell their dental practice in an environment where a lot less dental practices sell to corporates than you might think! The presenters wish to both highlight the challenges and offer pragmatic solutions based on a wealth of experience in these areas.

  • How the changed economic landscape is impacting dental recruitment
  • How this may have a direct impact on goodwill values and the ability to grow and sell practices
  • That a lot less dental practices sell to corporate than they may think
  • About tools and practices to follow to help avoid common pitfalls based on current stats and presenters experience

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