Radiation Protection – New Regulations 2018

Saturday 21st October - 12:45 - 13:15

Graham Ramsden, radiation protection adviser, Public Health England

IRR99 & IRMER2000 are being revised and will be enforced early next year. The session will make attendees aware of the changes and what they will need to do to comply with the new legislation. Details of how the conventional Dental Guidance Notes (2001) will be replaced/redrafted will be provided. PHE is also leading the working party revising the current CBCT Guidance Notes and an overview of the updates will be presented. The session will conclude with an overview of PHE’s role producing the National Diagnostic Reference Levels and some of our experiences with trends in dental radiation protection.

  1. Changes to radiation protection legislation
  2. The actions that dental practices need to take to comply with the new regulations
  3. Updates on relevant Guidance Notes
  4. Optimisation of patient doses (DRLs)
  5. PHE’s experiences with trends in dental radiation protection

‘New radiation regulations are coming soon - are you prepared?’

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