The Digital Replication of the Natural Dentition

Friday 20th October - 13:45 - 14:15

Dr Jameel Gardee, dentist, Digital Smile Design UK

Today we can utilise digital dentistry to copy the beautiful algorithms of real teeth exactly and provide for our patients restorations that follow the perfect imperfections of nature in exquisite detail. We can use CBCT, 3D printers and Digital intra Oral scanners harmoniously to make our dentistry more efficient, accurate and predictable.

  1. How to use Intral oral scanners to their full limits
  2. The workflow to create beautiful digital restorations
  3. How 3D printers are used effectively in everyday dentistry
  4. How digital smile design allows us to become better dentists

‘The gold standard of dentistry today is digital based. This is an amazing time to be involved in dentistry and the latest equipment and materials are revolutionising how we practice.’

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